Angry Birds Activity Park to open in Gran Canaria!

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  1. The game Angry Birds can be found on most smart phones and tablets these days, the famous birds can be found on merchandise, such as plush toys and t-shirts but this year Angry Birds will flock to Gran Canaria! Finnish construction and design company Lappset and Holiday Club are teaming up with Rovio Entertainment (the people behind the Angry Birds phenomenon) to bring us an Angry Birds Activity Park.

    The 3.5 million euro investment will be near to the Bus Station (previously a tennis court area) in the popular resort of Puerto Rico. The outdoor theme park will span 5,600-m2 and is expected to attract crowds of 100,000 people per year, including residents and tourists.


    “The Gran Canaria activity park will be the fourth Lappset activity park designed for Holiday Club Resorts Oy. The project also represents the biggest single sale in Lappset’s history. Activity-based tourism is on the rise, and our cooperation with Holiday Club and Rovio allows us to get involved in designing active holidays for people of all ages”, says Lappset Group Oy’s Deputy Managing Director and Director of Themed Activity Parks Tero Ylinenpää.

    As an Angry Birds fan, I thought this Activity Park is an exciting piece of news, plus it will create new jobs in the area.

    Here is an Area Plan of how the new Angry Birds Activity Park will look when finished, which is due to open October 2013:

    Just like in the game, there is classic and space sections of the park. Attractions will include: Terence's wheel, Curling, Air Somersault Track, Bag Jump a Pedal Car Track, Snack Bar, Learning Room, Arcade, Lazer Room and Party Room. There will also be an Adventure Golf Course and Gift Shop.

    This is great news for the resort and I'm already looking forward to taking my Angry Birds obsessed niece and nephew for a day out! As this is opening in a couple of months, I will keep you updated with any news related and possibly photographs as it progresses. :)

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  2. Miss Norway Active Member

    This sounds just great! Its time something new is happening in Puerto Rico. :) I really hope that the waterpark will open one day. The last time we was in Puerto Rico our teenagers was really bored, as there is not very much to to there. But maybe this Angry Birds Activity park is for younger children?
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  3. I know it's such a good bit of news for the resort, which is slowly having more refurbishments including a facelift for the park area. I think the Angry Birds activity park is going to be for children but they will miss out if it's just for little ones. I'm sure there are a lot of fans of all ages so I'm hoping there maybe a few screens to play the game on or some kind of activity for the older Angry Birds fans. I can't wait until it starts coming together a bit more so I can take photos and update as it's being built.

    I miss the water park also, it's such a shame anyone who goes in now with this cash will surely have to rip it out and start again though. The sun will have done some damage to those dry slides and pipes.
  4. Miss Norway Active Member

    I look forward to see pictures from you. :)
    Yes, the waterpark has been dry for many years, and the last time we drow pass it I could see that it is damaged.
  5. So last night I decided to have a little walk round where the Angry Birds park is going to be, I took a few photos so I will be uploading them shortly and it will be fun if I can make some 'before' and 'afters' when it's all complete.
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