Bar Playa El Boya Restaurant - El Pajar (Near Arguineguin)

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  1. El Pajar is a place I haven't really explored until today. It's a small fishing village right near to Arguineguin, past the banana plantation and close to the roundabout that leads to Cercados de Espino and the mountain route.

    I've lost count the amount of times that people have told me to go to 'El Boya Bar Playa' restaurant, last time I visited, the queue to get a table in the restaurant was crazy, but here's a tip, it's worth the wait so don't be discouraged. A full restaurant of people can't be wrong!

    A video from outside the cave church:

    Before visiting El Boya, I took a walk round the small beach and houses. El Pajar really is small, but quite lively. With it being Semana Santa (Holy Week) here in Gran Canaria, the beach was full and people were relaxing on boats and paddling kayaks. The weather was also fantastic today for a March afternoon.


    There is a small church at the top of the slope, which is built into a cave and looks out towards the ocean, beach and nearby cement factory.


    From what I've heard Bar Playa El Boya is always bustling, so don't be discouraged by the digital ticket system to get a table, you can have a drink whilst you wait and the staff are as friendly as family, and efficient.


    Let's get onto the food shall we? Basically if you want the best Canarian fish dishes, this is the place. My companions and I ordered the tuna salad, pulpo a la vinagreta (Octopus in Vinaigrette), fresh sardines, papas con mojo (wrinkled potatoes in mojo sauce) and goat's cheese. I wish we could have ordered more, but we did see that the Chocos (fried giant squid) were very popular with the nearby table, so they are on my list for the next time I visit. All the food was tasty, the octopus went down a treat, it was delicious.


    The staff work really hard at El Boya, but also have a smile on their face. I felt more like I was at someone's house having dinner than at a restaurant. With a bottle of red house wine and large water the whole meal was under 30€ for 4 people. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself! El Boya is also celebrating their 60th Anniversary, so they certainly have a good reputation.

    Have you visited El Pajar in Gran Canaria? Did you eat at Bar Playa El Boya? What dishes do you recommend?

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