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  1. One of my favourite shopping centers in Gran Canaria is C.C Atlantico in Vecindario. Today’s visit to the Atlantico Center for some shopping in Carrefour, proved rewarding as I noticed the locale next to GAME, which was previously Chanrai, now has a sign on it saying Claire’s Accessories will be opening soon!
    I think this is fantastic news that Claire’s are moving down the island a bit, they are one of the shops expected to be in the new shopping center in El Tablero (C.C El Tablero) so it’s interesting to see.
    I’m really looking forward to the opening of Claire’s Accessories in Vecindario, more news when we have it, until then here are a couple of snaps from today.

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  2. Claire's is now open in Vecindario and it has all the usual accessories that you would expect. Earrings, hair extensions, Hello Kitty things, dress up tutus, scarves, gifts and makeup.
  3. There is a Claires in the recently opened C.C El Tablero shopping center in Maspalomas now. It's near the main entrance as you go in and has all the usual things.
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