Doopies and Coffee in Playa del Ingles

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  1. One of my favourite places to grab a donut (or two) 'Doopies and Coffee' has opened up in Playa del Ingles. I was actually on my way to Pepe Chiringo next to C.C Cita shopping center, when I noticed that Doopies had opened in the little unit inside.

    Since I was going for to Pepe's for a 'donut de azucar' (glazed doughnut) I stopped in my tracks as Doopies has a whole menu of fresh donuts for every taste. My favourite is the 'Homer' although you may prefer the 'Bart' or other Simpson theme named treats.


    It's fine for Doopies customers to sit in Pepe Chiringo too! So I sat and enjoyed my pink donut with sprinkles as my other half enjoyed his usual favourite from the Pepe menu.


    The dangerous thing is they are available to buy in bulk in a box 'Dexter style' (if you are a fan of the show Dexter you know what I mean) This is a great idea for the office or for parties as a little treat or if you just really love donuts! :D

    Have you discovered Doopies and Coffee yet? Which is your favourite flavour?

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    Strawberry is my favourit, and I love donuts! :D I was on Doopie in Triana in Las Palmas easter last year. :)

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