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  1. Iced coffee and doughnut lovers rejoice, Dunkin' Coffee Gran Canaria is opening soon in Vecindario!

    You may be more familiar with the name Dunkin' Donuts, this is same company but as bakery company Panrico trademarked the term 'donut' in Spain, DD went with the name Dunkin' Coffee here.

    On one of my visits to C.C Atlantico in Vecindario this week, I noticed that the local next door to McDonalds which was previously Buffet Wok is going to open soon as Dunkin' Coffee!


    With a quick glance at Dunkin' Coffee's website I can see they have some delicious looking donuts and coffee although I'm more of a tea person so I will definitely be trying out their iced tea. It's not all donuts, they also have some yummy looking bagels, croissants and toasties.

    Of course for research purposes I will have to pay a visit once it's open and test a few things. ;)

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