Gran Canaria Weather - April 2013

Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Matthew, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. A few clouds and a nice fresh breeze today and would you believe it even rained this morning in Arguineguin? I don't know about other areas but it was a nice refreshing shower. Guess who washed the car yesterday? :eek:

    :) Never mind, it just means the sand from the heatwave is clearing out of the clouds from last week. The forecast is looking good as we enjoy the last few days of April.
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  2. Miss Norway Active Member

    The air get cleaner and fresher so a shower was not so bad. (Only bad for your car.... ) :)
    Here the snow is melting, and now its not so much left. Tomorrow we will use the grill for the first time this year and I really look forward to that! :)
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  3. A pleasant and fresh day in Arguineguin today. Quite cloudy but still lovely weather compared to many places in Europe at the moment :D
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  4. Matthew Member

    I so last night on the BBC that some parts of Spain have snow I was shocked.

    Been dry and sunny here (South Wales) but can not say it has been warm mind.
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