Gran Canaria Weather - August 2012

Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Pete, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Matthew Member

    Very hazy here today in maspalomas and warm. So sad I am going home later back to rainy Wales no more sun for me.
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  2. Elvisnotts New Member

    Hope the heat waves ends before fly out next Monday for our 2 weeks holiday otherwise going to be a really hot one.
  3. Hope you had a great time Matthew, if you have any review, please add it to the accommodation thread, it helps others choosing where to stay. If you see your hotel isn't listed just let me know.

    Elvisnotts, I'm guessing it will have fizzled out by Monday, today we are still on orange warning and at 10 am it's already over 30ºc degrees but looking ahead Thursday is cooler and back to yellow warning so not as hot. This is about the 6th heatwave so far this Summer, so I'm guessing there can't be many more. I'll keep you updated but I think this will have cooled down by the weekend.
  4. wildappletree New Member

    Hello everyone...sounds like the weather has been lovely in Gran Canaria lately!

    I am coming to Gran Canaria to Maspalomas (my first ever time to Gran Canaria!) for 2 weeks at the start of september....anyone have any idea what weather I may expect??

    Thank you :)
  5. Hi wildappletree welcome to the forum! :)

    It's been pretty warm the last few days but normal temperatures of around 32ºc degrees are on the way back today, with the heatwave blowing out slowly. We are the only island that seems to have it for a little longer until around Saturday.

    Going on past years September and the fact it is still a Summer month here, temperatures are probably still going to be in the 30ºc's in a couple of weeks. Heatwaves pop up time to time even in the later months. I will keep you updated, but usually the weather is hot hot hot.
  6. Last night in Arguineguin the wind really got up and it started to rain and again in the early hours. It's still pretty humid and there have been a few raindrops this morning too. Very cloudy but I think we need a good downpour to clear the sky of sand and then I'm sure the blue skies will be back.

    The strange thing is Gran Canaria is still on yellow weather warning for high temperatures up until Monday so far, so I'm not sure if this means another heatwave or not?
  7. Matthew Member

    When was the last time Gran Canaria had a day of rain? (when it rained all day)

    When I was out there one evening I did see about 5 rain drops.
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  8. Good question, the last time I recall it raining, really raining was at Easter this year and it wasn't all day but it was a heavy downpour. It lasted about an hour or two but even then it was humid.

    Yes last night was a few pathetic drops of rain too, looks like a lot of the cloud has cleared now and it is bluer but still humid.
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  9. Matthew Member

    Easter wow that was a almost half a year ago now.
  10. Miss Norway Active Member

    Yes, thats right. It was a couple of hours with rain in easter. We woke up one morning and it was very windy and heavy rain. We wasnt very lucky with the weather the couple of weeks we where there in easter....:(
  11. Matthew Member

    I would have been crying pay all that money to see the sun then get rain :( hopefully the next time you will have sun sun sun :)
  12. Miss Norway Active Member

    This is the first time we have had bad weather at GC, so nest time I hope the sun will shine every day. :D
  13. mick r New Member

    This novemeber it will be the 7th year running we have been in puerto rico and it has always been good must just be unlucky:(
  14. Miss Norway Active Member

    We went there the last week in october in 2009, and it was the hottest october for many many years. About 30 degrees the whole week. :D
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  15. Most of Gran Canaria still has the high temperatures for the weekend with highs of 35ºc degrees. Blue skies and hot!
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  16. It's almost 6pm and still very warm out there, temperature clocks were showing between 31 - 35ºc degrees in Playa del Ingles, a bit hazy and some warm air. Little bit fresher on the coast near Patalavaca but still hot. According to AEMET the temperatures are supposed to descend a little from Monday 27th.
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  17. Miss Norway Active Member

    Here in Norway the days are getting shorter and a bit colder, so it could have been nice with just a bit of your heat. :cool:
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  18. After a few days break from the intense heat, it seems Gran Canaria is to expect high temperatures in a heatwave for the last days of August.

    According to AEMET Gran Canaria will be the only island with high temperatures of 34ºc degrees from 29th August 11:00am until 20:00pm on 30th. Already today we can see the hazy skies left over from previous heatwaves.



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  19. If we could send you some we would ;)

    On that note, it appears we are in for some more heat here in Gran Canaria, everywhere apart from the north of the island that is. Temperatures could get to 34ºc degrees, although some might argue that is normal for Summer, it appears to be hazy too. Last night I was in Puerto Rico and the photo I took of the beach looked VERY hazy.
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  20. Well this is the last weather update for August - how time flies! As in the previous post from Tuesday, we did have a hazy episode and higher temperatures which some people argued wasn't really a heatwave as such but just a hot couple of days. The blue skies did return and it has been pretty hot must have been around 35ºc degrees, but at least a little cooler at night.

    Tonight we have a Full Blue Moon which we took some photographs of from Maspalomas Sand Dunes and Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico, it's a cloudless sky so it was a pretty sight.

    >>Click here for the September weather thread<<
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