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  1. Another warm day but I think it was less intense than yesterday and now the weather warnings from AEMET have been lifted. The Canaries have registered the hottest temperatures in the whole of Spain this week.
  2. I've just been watching the news and they said that after today's relief from the high temperatures we've just experienced last week, that the temperatures will go up again from tomorrow (Tuesday 20th) They reminded everyone to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and take shade. People they interviewed said they were just enjoying the air conditioning at home and lots of water.

    Looking at CazaTormentas it seems we have a dust cloud headed our way straight off the desert. Looks like it could get quite dusty with a calima (suspended dust cloud). Not sure if we will have any wind or not yet, but today was a nice breather from the extremes of the past week.
  3. Matthew Member

    So happy I am home now do not do not think could have coped with another day of warm wind one day that enough on Saturday (17/08/2013)
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  4. I do hope you had a good holiday despite the heatwave Matthew? :)

    I woke up quite late this morning as I usually wake with sunshine streaming into my room and today is quite grey and overcast. The headline of Canarias7 newspaper is 'Yellow weather warning arrives with possibility of storms' which has been talked about over on CazaTormentas this week. I really think we need some rain after all this heat to clear the sky up a bit and get rid of the suspended dust. Temperatures are expected to hit 35ºc degrees here in Gran Canaria even with this cloud cover.

    I'll keep you updated. :cool:
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  5. I've had to close my windows and switch on the air con, because warm wind was blowing into the house. It's very grey outside although the sun did try a little this afternoon. Here is the latest on the radar from AEMET, looks like Fuerteventura have some rain already.

    Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 6.02.39 PM.png
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  6. Matthew Member

    I had a great holiday thank you :) hope to be back in Gran Canaria same time next year fingers crossed.
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  7. Matthew Member

    Heatwave and rain in the same day that is crazy. But I know that the rain will bring the temps down so that is not bad plus Gran Canaria needs some rain.
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  8. Well the rain finally arrived, but it's still pretty humid outside. I heard a noise and thought there was some kind of bug at my window until I realized it was raindrops. I'm going to have to look at some old weather threads now as I can't remember the last time I saw rain down here in the south of Gran Canaria!

    It smells like thunderstorms outside and it's very close. Hopefully the rain is bringing the temperature down a little but apparently Gran Canaria has yellow warning for high temps for the rest of the week.
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  9. Another grey day here in Arguineguin with high temperatures and humidity. It was spitting a tiny bit earlier, but last night was more of a downpour. It brought with it plenty of sand so now most cars and outdoors are splodgy with sand and dust. AEMET have this heatwave warning in place until tomorrow night (Thursday) so here's hoping it will become a bit fresher from then on.

    With it being 35ºc degrees - ish, there are still people round the pools and at the beach as you can see on this webcam from Playa del Ingles:

    The sky looks like it's heavy with rain so hopefully we get a good downpour and welcome those beautiful blue skies back very soon. :)
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  10. Miss Norway Active Member

    I`m glad I dont have to bee in that heath...:confused: I hope you get some fresher air from this weekend, and not so high temperature. :)
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  11. Matthew Member

    Saturday just gone it was 48c in Gran Canaria.
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  12. Miss Norway Active Member

    Wow! :eek:
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  13. Wow! It's been so hot I didn't update :)

    Yesterday I was in San Agustin - it was like someone had a very hot hairdryer blowing in my face. I'm not sure of the temperature at that time but it was up there in the 40ºc's and I could even feel the water drying up from my eyeballs lol.

    My aircon is really struggling in this heat so I headed to Atlantico shopping mall in Vecindario for some 'free air' ;) it was just as hot up there, driving down again it was a few degrees (not many) cooler in Arguineguin and Puerto Rico. The heatwave was supposed to be gone today but it's lingering. Last night I slept for maybe 1 hour because there wasn't any air or breeze.

    Today was hot again, not sure temperature as I tried to stay indoors. Tomorrow we have another warning for 34ºc degrees and then apparently Sunday is back to normal but who knows?
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  14. Another hot day yesterday but as I sat outside Cafelito in Puerto Rico Shopping Center early evening yesterday, that lovely breeze came back that we've been needing so much. AEMET finally lifted the heatwave warning and temperatures are getting back to the 'normal' Summer temps which is hot enough anyway, usually 32ºc degrees in daytime. The lovely blue sky is back too! :) Can you believe we only have 1 week left of this month?! It will soon be Autumn!
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  15. If you head on over to the latest blog post at Gran Canaria Blog, you will see the changes in weather I experienced on my mountain drive round the island a couple of days ago. I was astonished that I had to put on an extra layer because I was cold up in Cruz de Tejeda where there was low cloud and rain. Usually this difference in weather is expected in Winter but not August!

    I had a little wander earlier and today seems a little hazy but not too much, the mountains are clear of the cloud that you will see in my blog though. It's around 32ºc degrees today blue sky and some hazy, fluffy cloud.

    This was posted in CazaTormentas weather forum:

    It's the outlook for 11th September - check out that system to the west of the Canary Islands. This may change though as it's only a model but we may have to keep an eye on it.
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  16. Here we are at the last day of August and it's a beautiful one. In the south of the island we have some lovely sunshine and still with those Summer temperatures of around 30ºc degrees, perfect tanning and swimming weather! :cool:

    Looks like much of the same sunshine for the week, which is great because I want to switch off a little and relax on a sun lounger somewhere. :D
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