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  1. Hey sorry I was having too much fun at Carnival to update the weather ;) In Playa del Ingles yesterday afternoon it was pretty cool. I went to take photographs of the parade and there was a cool breeze and there were a few gusty winds, the coldest carnival, but more excuse to dance and get warm. Usually I am too hot in my costume but this year it was definitely weather for a jumper and scarf. Earlier on in the daytime and today is certainly warm enough to sunbathe, I had 20 minutes at lunchtime in the sun and developed colour, so the sun rays are strong.

    Usually when there is snow on the top of Mt. Teide in Tenerife there is a little nip in the air at night and I can feel it now. The forecast looks sunny with a few clouds for the week ahead with a possibility of rain for next Saturday according to AEMET for the south.

    According to my favourite weather forum CazaTormentas, there is an interesting storm on it's way over the Atlantic for the beginning of March.
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  2. Miss Norway Active Member

    It looks like there will be no sun the last day in february, and the weatherforecast dont look very good the next day.
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    Nope more clouds then sun but I did look at the golf webcam today about 4 30 uk time and there was some sun then but still looked bit gray and cloudy.
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  4. The day started off very cloudy and dull but then around lunchtime the sun popped out, but still with a cool breeze in the air. The wind got up and then the clouds sort of loomed round the edges. Tonight right now at 11.30pm feels quite cold outside and we have some rain forecast for the first days of March, which is very typical for Carnival time.

    As it stands the islands of La Palma and La Gomera are on alert for heavy rain on 2nd and 3rd March - there is some kind of storm to the west of the islands. No rain but night time is very cold for me now (probably about 14Âșc degrees) in the south.
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