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  1. Today was a bit strange, maybe it's because I decided to go to the beach. It was dull in the morning then it really brightened up and was very hot when the sun was out, but then a huge grey cloud seemed to cover most of the south coast. It wasn't cold by any means, in fact the cloud made it quite humid and I could still feel the warmth of the sun coming through the clouds at the beach.

    It's possible that we will see the second heatwave of the year and the first one of Summer from the weekend sometime but I'll keep you posted!
  2. Matthew Member

    I so it was cloudy today on the webcams. I also so that Sunday for 4 days you could have a heatwave for?
  3. Yes, it looks like the heatwave will come in on Friday night and it's normal for them to linger for about a week. I can see it being a hot one!
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  4. Today was the same as yesterday, started off sunny then the clouds took over, still warm and then cleared again. It was hot too! Today is the last day of Spring :D Summer officially starts tomorrow!!
  5. Miss Norway Active Member

    It has been heavy rain here for two days, and the sky is grey all over. But tomorrow , and the rest of the weekend, is going to be sunny.
    Have a nice weekend! :D
  6. Sorry you have such bad weather, but at least you will have a nice weekend :D

    Here in Gran Canaria south, it's very hot, bright blue skies and temperatures maybe just over 30ºc degrees, with a weird cloud out to the East at sea? At times it's quite breezy and the heatwave we were talking about in the last few posts is still on the way for the weekend. The hot air is going to come from Africa and will be here for Saturday according to the local newspaper Canarias7. Usually with heatwaves we have a weather warning from the MET office to take care with the high temperatures, but as yet, haven't put one in place so I will keep you updated.
  7. Matthew Member

    is this about the heatwave or something else? Here
  8. Yes that is about the heatwave
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  9. Las Palmas (last night) heavy rain clouds and eventually a strong rain shower with quite a breeze and a bit cold but I didn't care because I was at the Pitbull concert! :)

    Arguineguin, Las Meloneras (today) scorching hot sun with blue skies, and the haze is starting to come in - the heatwave is supposed to take hold tomorrow and will continue (so far) until Monday when the weather warning will increase from yellow to orange for high temperatures of 37ºc degrees. Will keep you posted as usual! :D
  10. Arguineguin - Although a slight breeze, I can feel that it's going to get hotter in the south of Gran Canaria today. The weather warning has now been extended to Tuesday, which is pretty normal really, by the time the temperatures have evened out and gone back down to 'normal' after being 40ºdegrees it will probably last the week.
  11. Miss Norway Active Member

    I had a look at the webcams in Puerto Rico and the sky is not blue but white. Is it a calima or is it just cloudy?
  12. Yes we were just taking a look at the webcams for the whole island and it is in fact a calima (suspended sand) we now have a yellow weather warning for the sand and orange warning for the high temperatures which are said to reach 40ºc degrees! This heatwave is going to last the week and it's going to be very hot.

    Looking outside it looks dull but the sky has an orange tint to it, will let you know if I decide to venture out of the office :)

    Take care in this weather if you are here, even though it looks cloudy, the sun is still very intense as is the heat and you can still get heat exhaustion or burn if you don't hydrate, take shade and wear sunscreen.
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  13. Matthew Member

    It is going to be one very hot week by the sounds of it. What does the temperature thing? (The one you uploaded a picture of the last time you have a heatwave)
  14. Yes we will do a reading on that tomorrow but we have just checked on one of the weather iPad apps and it is quite accurate too, with a forecast for the week
  15. Matthew Member

    Thank you for doing that tomorrow. Wow looking at that picture I is looking like the heatwave is going to be around until Friday? Can you tell me please what the app is called I also have an Ipad.


  16. Yeah the app is just called Weather+ there are quite a few but this one is made by International Travel Weather Calculator - Here's the link

    I'm finding it pretty accurate, although I'm going to put my own temperature clock outside in the direct sun like last time, just for fun to see what comes up.

    Weather for today:

    Telde - Although under the large dust cloud covering the whole island, Telde seemed to be quite a bit cooler with a really nice sea breeze.
    Driving on down to the south of Gran Canaria the heat intensified from Vecindario onwards and then Arguineguin area was quite intense. The breeze is pleasant when it catches - the sky is still very hazy.
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  17. Just popped onto the balcony for 5 minutes to check out the heat, to me it doesn't seem as bad as the last heatwave we had in terms of intense sun. This is because the clouds are out in full force but, I do feel there is a lot of sand and dust in the air which is kind de-motivating.

    I've put some wet towels on the shutters as I hear it's supposed to help.
  18. satnav New Member

    Great info , i was wondering if anyone has any idea how long the Calima will last for .
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