Gran Canaria Weather - March 2013

Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Gran Canaria Blog, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Well we have blue skies and a cool breeze today with a few clouds but nice enough to sunbathe, so hopefully your Grandfather is enjoying the find weather Miss Norway. It's certainly warmer than -12!

    Hope you have a nice time in Thailand, not somewhere that I have been, although I imagine you are going for the better weather too?
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  2. Miss Norway Active Member

    Yes, we are going to have nice and warm weather. And the food in Thailand is very good! :D
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  3. A gorgeous day today, according to the temperature clock in El Tablero where I was at the opening of the new C.C El Tablero center it was 25ºc degrees although it felt much hotter. Blue skies over the resorts and a dark moody cloud up in the mountains for some variety :)
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  4. Matthew Member

    Looked warm there today but looks cold now?
  5. The last few days have been beautiful in the south of Gran Canaria. On Monday I even caught some sun out at sea on the Blue Bird glass bottom ferry. I took a spontaneous boat ride to Pasito Blanco from Arguineguin harbour which was very nice. Out at sea was quite breezy and choppy on the very southern tip but calm on the way back.

    You can see a photo here:

    Afternoons go cooler, but nothing like January, now we are getting into Spring. So far no weather warnings for the last days of March and plenty of sunshine, although it could go a little cloudy tomorrow afternoon. All in all great weather for Semana Santa (Holy week) as the beaches are going to fill up from tomorrow for sure, we have our Fiesta Days (Bank Holidays) this week Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
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  6. A sunny start to the day but it's turned cloudy now but still lovely and warm. It's Easter holidays and everyone is on the beach cloud or not. The shopping center in Puerto Rico was very busy today and Coco's Bar was full. There are some weather warnings for big waves on the western islands and aside from this bit of cloud the forecast looks good.
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  7. The cloud still loomed this afternoon but it was warm and people were still on the beach - Playa de las Marañuelas had plenty of people as did Puerto Rico beach. Tomorrow will probably be even busier again and hopefully the sun will be shining. :)
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