Gran Canaria Weather - May 2012

Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Gran Canaria Blog, May 3, 2012.

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    Welcome to the Weather Gran Canaria - May thread!

    As we Spring into Spring the days are longer and brighter and certainly warmer!

    The south of the island including Puerto Rico and Arguineguin have had some beautiful weather, with bright blue skies and sunshine. Temperatures around 25ºC degrees.

    The north can be cooler and in the heart of the island yesterday, it was around 15ºC degrees! Quite the contrast, but part of the beauty and charm of Gran Canaria.
  2. shazajo New Member

    Lets hope its hot when we get there on monday :)
  3. shazajo New Member

    Is the webcam broke again? it only says 17.2c I hope its warmer than than that when we get there on monday
  4. I'd say that temperature is shade temperature. In the direct sun it was around 28ºc degrees today! Blue skies in the south up until Playa del Ingles where it started to cloud over and spitting in San Agustin. Vecindario was very cloudy and it looked like rain up in the mountains nearby.

    So to anyone coming to stay in the south, don't worry if it's very cloudy, maybe raining when you land at Gran Canaria Airport, down here in Puerto Rico/Arguineguin, it was very warm today.
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  5. shazajo New Member

    Thanks for the reassurance lol, see you monday :)
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  6. A sunny start to the day in Arguineguin, but it's now clouded over. The forecast doesn't say much for the week ahead in Mogan except sun with clouds. Ths afternoon in Puerto Rico the cloud came over and it went quite humid and sticky. No sign of rain though.
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  7. Very hot today in the South and on the news the reporters inform that from this Thursday temperatures will rise to around 30ºc degrees as Summer arrives. Scorchio! :cool:
  8. Miss Norway Active Member

    Was there in easter and we had a lot of days with cloudy skies, and the temperature was about 22 degrees. We also had a couple of rainshowers, and some wind. First time we went to Gran Canaria in the wintertime. We have been there in august and in october, and the weather was much better and more stabil then. A girl working on a shop in Puerto Rico told me that it usually is bad weather when its easter in Spain. Is this right?
  9. Hello Heidi welcome to the forum. Yes, well we hadn't had any rain or bad weather for a long while until Easter week which was just typical. The weather does start to be more predictable from May onwards as it is usually hot all the time.

    Today has been pretty warm, with a nice cool breeze though. But, from tomorrow we are expected to see very high temperatures of around 35ºc degrees and a heatwave for a few days. I will keep updating here though. At the moment (8.25pm) the sun is shining and we have bright blue skies. Summer is coming! :D
  10. Miss Norway Active Member

    Wish I was there again. :cool: Thank you for answering.
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  11. No problem! :)

    It's feeling very humid today and it's that time of year when the gentle hum of air conditioners becomes the norm. Apparently we are in for a calima (dust storm) which accounts for the sticky feel in the air and the hazy sky. The UV index is very high at 11 or 12. I've heard the heatwave could last until next weekend!
  12. It's certainly warmer today and with higher temperatures on the way! It's going to be a hot weekend in the Canaries with temperatures of 34ºc degrees and a desert storm!
  13. Miss Norway Active Member

    Sounds like a nice weekend, minus the desert storm....
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  14. AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for high temperatures of 34ºc degrees in Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands. The warning comes into place officially Saturday 12th May at noon and will continue until Sunday evening, so far.......
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  15. Matthew Member

    What is the temp right now in the sun please? I can only find shade temps online.
  16. Hi Matthew welcome to the forum! :D All the temperature clocks vary but we put ours outside the office in the direct sun for you and it was coming up at 47.8ºC degrees!
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  17. Matthew Member

    Thanks for the welcome :) That is a very hot temp I have just seen the picture you uploaded to Facebook.
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  18. It's a very warm start to the day, even throughout the night it was very humid. Take care in the heat today and drink plenty of water, take shade when you can. Temperatures are expected to get to 40ºc degrees.
  19. Miss Norway Active Member

    Is it usual with this high temperature in may at Gran Canaria? As I have seen not so many hotels have aircondition in Puerto Rico. Cant imagine how people can sleep at night in this temperature...... :(
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