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  1. It's a heatwave so, no it's not like this usually for the whole of May. Usually there is some kind of breeze too and temperatures should be about 30ºc degrees. It's caused by heat from Africa, and looking at the forecast it should start to get back to normal by midweek or so.

    I'm finding it hard to sleep but before the heatwave I still had the duvet on my bed LOL without a fan or aircon, to give you an idea.

    Still very warm today and it's so important to drink water and take shade, the UV index is at it's highest.
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  2. Matthew Member

    Is it warm overnight? I have just been onto one website and it's saying right now it's 28.8C.
  3. Yes it's pretty warm at the moment at night time, but before the heatwave it was more comfortable of an evening. Looking now I think it will be Wednesday before we see any decline in temperature. Then it should get back to the season 'normal' of 28/30ºc degrees and cooler at night. We are still on orange weather warning for high temperatures for now.
  4. Not sure if it's just me, but it feels like the temperatures are calming down slightly (by 1 degree LOL). We still have orange alert for high temperatures according to the government and they still advise that the elderly, young or sick stay out of the heat. No strenuous activity, plenty of water, common sense really.

    It feels like the middle of August at the moment!
  5. GCForum Administrator

  6. Another very hot day, just saw a weather clock in Arguineguin showing 36ºc degrees at 7pm! There is however a slight cool breeze coming through which is an indicator that the heatwave should start to pass soon.

    AEMET have lifted the weather alert from tomorrow, but that could change so I will keep you updated.
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  7. :) Finally the temperatures are getting back to normal! This morning I woke up to actual fresh air through my window instead of 'hairdryers' hot wind. It's still quite hazy but hoping temperatures will get back to about 30ºc degrees soon as that's plenty warm.

    Live webcam of Puerto Rico harbour is showing 21ºc degrees at the moment (11am) not sure how true that is, but it's certainly cooler.
  8. Matthew Member

    Good to hear the weather it getting back to normal for this time of year. I have been in Gran Canaria in August when they have been having a heatwave the wind is horrible.
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  9. Yep, slowly but surely we are getting our normal weather back. Yes of course August is warm enough without a heatwave too. I remember one in August, it may have been last year, when we had temperatures of 52ºc degrees!!

    It's a bit cloudy today but that's part of the process of the Saharan Air Layer leaving the atmosphere. It also feels much fresher and the fans have all been turned down from 3 (highest) to 1 if needed. :)

    The lookout for the weekend shows the wind could get up, but these fresher temperatures will remain. Probably we will get back to normal (around 28-30ºc degrees at the hottest time of day - not bad hey?) within a few days.
  10. Thankfully, bit by bit it is cooling down to normal. I keep saying this but it takes time, even today was hot and around 5pm I felt it was really warm. Altamadores webcam is showing 20.4ºc degrees at midnight, but I can still hear the hum of air conditioning from surrounding buildings. (I swear as soon as I typed this, they were switched off :rolleyes: )

    The island could possibly see some rain on Sunday in the Northern areas and still some haze as it moves away from the Canaries.
  11. Bright blue skies today and a lovely breeze in the south of the island.
  12. There's a bit of cloud hanging round in the south, but don't let it fool you, it's pretty warm out there. :)
  13. Matthew Member

    How hot is it? I was on the webcams this morning and it was cloudy, now it looks like there is not a cloud in the sky.
  14. It's quite hot, even now at 7.30pm it's nice to be on the beach. Top temperatures in the sun now are getting to around 32ºc degrees. The UV index is very high at 12, so really hot and great if you like tanning.

    There was a random gust of wind in Arguineguin this afternoon, but apart from that nice bright blue skies and hot sun! :)
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  15. shazajo New Member

    We came back on the 15th may and it was red hot!!!, yes that heatwave did take its toll on a few people, seen a few lobsters lol, our rep told us it was 47c too , hoping to come back in may next year :), oh we had a fab time by the way
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  16. Miss Norway Active Member

    Here in the north of Norway it has been snow tooday, belive it or not..... :mad: So its good to take a look at the webcamera in Puerto Rico now and then. :)
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  17. Good to hear to you had a fab time! Yes it was super hot the other week, it felt like August!

    I can't believe you have snow! Will it start to warm up in Norway soon?


    Today's weather report, very sunny and hazy blue skies in Puerto Rico and Arguineguin but it was quite cloudy in Playa del Ingles earlier on when I went for a meal at Martel Steak House in the Yumbo Center. It was roasting and then a cloud just came from nowhere. Don't worry it's still over 25ºc degrees even when it's cloudy :) Temperatures are averaging 30ºc degrees most days as we head into June.
  18. Miss Norway Active Member

    In the south of Norway there is quite more warmer then here in the north. Hope the weather will change soon, but june can be quite bad here with rain and about 12-15 degrees. :)
  19. The weather report is a bit boring today ;) blue skies and a few fluffy clouds but intense sunshine and a really nice breeze. This is great tanning weather but remember it's very easy to get burnt in the high UV index. Be sun sensible and cover up, drink plenty, sunscreen and shade. I can't believe that it's the last weather report for this month and tomorrow we will have a new weather in June discussion! The year is flying!
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