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  1. AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain in the Canaries, mainly in the northern parts of the islands including Gran Canaria, for Thursday 18th October.

    Rain is predicted for other parts of Gran Canaria, but so far the heavy rain is only for the northern coast and middle of the island.

    Keep updated with live weather reports from Gran Canaria at Gran Canaria Forum.



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  2. So far so good, there were some nasty looking clouds looming but then they disappeared - the weather warning is still only for the northern parts of the island, but the forecast says 100% chance of rain for us down here in Mogan (Arguineguin, Puerto Rico......)

    Out of the window report, some clouds, sunshine and chirping birds!
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  3. Miss Norway Active Member

    Is it raining down there? It seems very cloudy on the webcamera.
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  4. Yes it did rain - we saw many people fleeing from Amadores Beach yesterday and trying to find a taxi, but on arrival at Arguineguin it was just cloudy with a few spots of rain. The temperature has certainly changed, last night I was cold during my sleep for the first time since before Summer. It was nice to not have to use the fan and have fresh air. It feels like the new season started now, but that means cooler nights and still hot of a day time.

    This morning I've woken up to almost cloudless skies and sunshine only the air is a little cooler.
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  5. Today in Arguineguin we have bright blue skies, some clouds with temperatures around 29ºc degrees but it's also very windy and fresh. It's still great for tanning, especially if you find a suntrap by the pool - don't forget the suncream!
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  6. Kenny New Member

    We are going to Amadores this friday and we are staying there for 1 week. We are hoping ofcourse to get many sunny and warm days.
    Do you know anything about the weather forecast in our vaccation ?
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  7. Hi Kenny welcome to the forum! :) Feel free to make a thread over on the introduction section too

    Puerto Rico in general has the best weather on the island and that is important at this time of year. Arguineguin, which is just along the coast from Puerto Rico had some very sunny weather with wind today. Night time and early mornings are slightly cooler. Amadores Beach can get quite hot and is a beautiful place to enjoy the sun, the forecast for the Mogan municipal is sunny with cloudy intervals. I will keep updating and you will have a better idea, but temperatures are generally around 30ºc degrees at the hottest point of the day.

    Looks like La Palma and Tenerife could get some rain this week but here in Gran Canaria we are safe :)
  8. Kenny New Member

    Thank you for quick answer. I just found the site and they say that monday,thursday,friday there will be rain :( and wednesday,thursday,friday has very strong wind, windspeed 50km/h :(
    Not one day with clear sun, somedays has partly sun and rest of the week has rain.

    I really, really, really hope that this forecast is VERY wrong !!!!
  9. Matthew Member

    Sorry I know I have asked this before but I forgotten about it until now sorry :( what is the weather app called that you use Admin?
  10. Kenny - I try to use the Canary government's weather site as reference as it's specific to the areas on the island, most other forecasts are for the north or for the airport and can be totally different weather to here in the south, due to the micro climate. I don't usually check but I just searched for Gran Canaria Puerto Rico weather it doesn't look too bad. Here is the eltiempo forecast for Las Palmas, which looks like it could have a bit of rain in the coming week.

    Hey don't worry, it's a great app we love to use and you can add multiple locations - even different parts of the island! It's called Weather+ and available in the App Store for Free or there is a paid version without ads for 99cents.
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  11. Well it looks like there is a storm out in the Atlantic curving round and will affect La Palma first, the local newspaper Canarias7 reports that we are going to have some gusty wind, then my favourite weather forum CazaTormentas have been discussing possible rain for all islands[IMG]
    At the moment though in the south of Gran Canaria it's sunny skies and no sign of a storm. I will keep you posted on this. Some reports are saying different things, the last heavy rain we had affected the north of the island much more than the south, so it might not be too bad for us down here. Let's see.
  12. Matthew Member

    just been viewing minigolfyumbo webcam and it looks very nice right now.
  13. Miss Norway Active Member

    Can you please post a link? :)
  14. Matthew Member

  15. Miss Norway Active Member

    Thank you! Its a live streaming webcam. :) Do you know if there are more of them, hopefully in Puerto Rico?
  16. There are webcams in Puerto Rico but they refresh every 10 minutes or so and not as good as the mini golf one in Playa del Ingles.
    Here is the list of webcams I've put together so far:

    Today's weather in the south is good, sunny, a few fluffy clouds and warm - UV index is 6 and no weather warnings.
    There could be some cloudy days from Sunday and possibly rain into the start of next week, here is the lookout
    San Bartolome:
    Las Palmas:
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  17. Matthew Member

    found another live webcam tonight (sorry if you got it on the list already Admin) it is on the Hotel IFA Faro, Maspalomas .

    NOTE link will not open in Internet Explorer. Use Firefox or Google Chrome.
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  18. Miss Norway Active Member

    I dont think I have seen that before, so thank you! :)
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  19. Miss Norway Active Member

    Is it raining today? The skie look very dark at the webcam.

    Here you can have a look of wich weather we have here in the middle of Norway today;
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  20. AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain in Gran Canaria from Sunday 28th October at 06:00 - 23:00 hours.

    The heavy rain is expected to affect the South, East and West of the island. The rain is also expected in La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and Tenerife.



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