Gran Canaria Weather - October 2012

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  1. Great to have some more webcam links, I will make a new thread just for webcams too so we can check on them from one place.

    Yes we had some rain in the early hours and it was a grey day yesterday but this morning is another story, the bright skies are back!

    (Miss Norway - Norway looks wonderful from the webcam! I would love to visit - it looks beautiful.)

    So although today is a bit nicer, we have warnings for more rain and wind, I will take a better look at the reports and update later.
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  2. AEMET have issued yellow and orange weather warnings in Gran Canaria this week, for high winds and rain, which will also affect the other Canary Islands.

    The mountain peaks are expected to be worse, and rain is set to be heavy for Wednesday 31st October.

    For live weather reports check Gran Canaria Forum.



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  3. Grey and gloomy today in Arguineguin, no sign of the wind or rain yet and it's not cold at all, a little muggy. It's almost like the calm before the storm! Will update later
  4. Haven't seen any rain in Arguineguin yet, Puerto Rico was cloudy early on but warm. Did see some rain near the pueblo of Cercados de Espino a few hours ago.... On the news earlier it said the worst was to come and tomorrow is expected to be worse. I heard that a roof of a school blew right off, near San Mateo so I guess the bad weather is coming from the west and over.

    No whistling wind, more of an eerie calm once again although in other parts of the island and in the more westerly islands the storm has hit. CNN say it is coming from a tail end of a storm that helped Hurricane Sandy to form.

    I've also just secured anything loose on the roof terrace and balcony just incase as the winds are expected to be up to 90 km/h.
  5. UPDATE 8pm:

    The wind has picked up here in Arguineguin and it's a good fresh breeze although it's still warm for this time of night still no rain. Watching TV Canaria now and La Palma and Tenerife look like they have had a right time of it so far, in the North of Tenerife there were gale force winds of 122 km/h, a restaurant owner was sweeping up leaves and cleaning up damage from outside his restaurant.

    In Agaete here in Gran Canaria, a reporter was speaking with a Policeman who said not to go out unless necessary, the mountains can certainly be a dangerous place to venture out in this weather.

    The are some images on tv now of upturned trucks, fallen trees and crazy winds in Tenerife. All islands are now on alert
  6. Miss Norway Active Member

    Is this expected to the south of Gran Canaria? Hope it will pass quickly!
  7. Apparently so yes! On the news and in the AEMET site the alert is for the whole island. So far it's just windy here though, I think it will last a few days but because we aren't so used to having heavy rains, it can be dangerous with the barrancos and floods. Some residents in the island of La Palma have been evacuated, it seems to be coming over from the Atlantic right over the islands, so maybe I will see something soon besides my curtains blowing a bit more than usual.
  8. Midnight: All seems eerie and calm again outside and the curtains have stopped blowing... it's not cold and no rain or wind. Just had a look outside and it looks very cloudy, I'm predicting full on thunder and lightening in the middle of the night. Will update if it keeps me awake....
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  9. Miss Norway Active Member

    Can see from the webcam that there is some wind outside the harbour in Puerto Rico. It also seems like a cloudy day. Not very fun for the people that just have one week holiday to spend there. Hope this bad weather soon will be over.
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  10. In Arguineguin the rain came around 1am and I heard it once more in the night, but this morning is calm again, the sky is one huge cloud. Other parts of the island have had a lot of wind and rain but so far here it's very humid and dry.

    I agree Miss Norway, it's great for locals as we really need this rain after such a dry year, but hopefully anyone on holiday this week will still find plenty to do. Yesterday afternoon Puerto Rico Shopping Center was very full of tourists and the shops, restaurants and bars looked busy too.

    As I'm typing this the sun is actually trying to come out!
  11. Update: 10.30am

    Spoke too soon that rain just came from nowhere and now I have flooding in my house - very heavy rain in a short space of time and the wind is up too.
  12. Miss Norway Active Member

    The webcam i Puerto Rice have changed direction. Maybe because of wind? I can easily see that it is heavy rain there now. I understand that this rain are very wanted of the locals, but I really hope that we wont see any rain in january when we are going there. We have just one week this time.
    Hope your house is okay, despite the flood!
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  13. The flood is under control thankfully, a pipe needed unclogging of sand. Yes I noticed the webcam overlooking the harbour and Marina Suites has moved also, the wind did get strong and the rain just came from nowhere. We now have a nice view of the tunnel :D
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  14. Miss Norway Active Member

    Hihi... Yes, we do see the tunnel now. :)
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