Hooters Little Brazil - Anexo II Shopping Center

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  1. Hooters Gran Canaria opened up in C.C Anexo II Shopping Center, Playa del Ingles back in 2009 in full force. They offered 'the coldest beer in town' plus have live sports, Hooters girls, and a mouth watering menu of food and desserts. They also had Hooters Tshirts and souvenirs to take home.


    In 2011 they introduced a Fish Spa where the tables used to be on the walkway. Now in 2012 they have new signs up with 'Little Brazil' in large letters where the Hooters sign previously was. The seating area seems to have changed slightly although there are still Hooters signs up inside the restaurant. It seems that Hooters Gran Canaria is slowly merging into Little Brazil.

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