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    The new chill out bar and pool ‘La Mar Beach Club‘, is now open to the public, with a restaurant/snack area and sunbathing zone. Right near to Puerto Rico beach, it's the ideal location when you feel like relaxing near the beach in trendy surroundings.

    It’s a great improvement on the previous ‘public pool’ and we will be adding more information on the new trendy spot in Puerto Rico very soon.
  2. Miss Norway Active Member

    Is this a place thats suites children, or is it just a calm place to relax?
  3. I'd say it's more of a chill out place, the times I've walked past there have been couples or groups of friends inside. They have just had their grand opening and I suppose as it gets busier we will know more. I don't think children are excluded but it is a relaxing place. More here:
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  4. Miss Norway Active Member

    Ok, then it was as I tought. :)
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  5. Nadine New Member

    Anyone know if the beach club has a website up & running? Thanks.
  6. Hi Nadine welcome to the forum, we aren't aware of any website for La Mar Beach Club in Puerto Rico just yet. If we find out we'll post it on here.
  7. It seems La Mar Beach Club now have a website but it's not up and running, just a photograph and contact details. I was hoping to see a bit of promotion on there about up coming events.
  8. Miss Norway Active Member

    I now finally have visited La Mar Beach Club. And what a lovely place! :D Its calm, its nice and just a great place to relax! :D
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